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When Brightness Adjustment is Ineffective on iPad Mini

2013-09-10 16:56:31 / Posted by to How to iPad
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Have you encountered that the brightness of light on your iPad mini cannot be adjusted automatically? Is there anything wrong with your hardware? The problem is not caused by system failure or defects, but lack of a darkness starting point. Without the basic parameter, the light sensor on iPad mini cannot accurately adjust the brightness of light according to the intensity of light. Now follow the below steps, and the problem can be easily solved.

Step to Adjust the Light Brightness for iPad:

1. Turn the automatic adjustment and the screen off.
2. Cover the light sensor with your hand (You'd better wear a black glove or put your iPad mini in a dark room without any light source).
3. Open the screen, enter "Light Setting", slide the adjustment button to the left side, turn the automatic adjustment on and close screen. (Note: In this step, do not move your hand off the sensor.)
4. Now move off your hand and open the screen. Now iPad mini's light brightness can be adjusted automatically.

Further Reading:

If you feel troublesome, you can install a plug-in called Auto Brightness which is quite sensitive and can effectively help you adjust the brightness according to the intensity of light in the surrounding. The brightness can be regulated at all time.

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