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What is OpenSSH? How to Use?

2013-08-29 14:38:49 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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What is OpenSSH?

OpenSSH (Open Source Secure Shell) is used to provide a secure alternative to the Telnet protocol for logging into a UNIX or Linux host remotely. It is an open source implementation for SSH protocol, free of charge for users.
The traditional utilities such as Telnet, rcp, ftp, rlogin or rsh are not safe because passwords are transmitted in the form of plaintext when delivering info, while OpenSSH encrypts remote controls and files data in info transmission. It provides secured communication over insecure channels.

How to use OpenSSH risk-freely?

Before installing OpenSSH, you should firstly jailbreak your device. The act leads to less security. If you install OpenSSH or other utilities, other people can log into your system remotely and visit any files. Therefore, it's very important to change passwords of the higher authority account.
Two accounts' passwords need to be changed: Root and Mobile.
Root: The highest authority account in UNIX or Linux system, equally to the administrator of Windows. It's completely in control of system, but also vulnerable.
Mobile: Mobile's permission is lower than root. It's just like a Windows system's common user, who can access some common files except system files.

Steps for changing passwords:

On iPhone

1. Install Mobile Terminal in Cydia.
2. Run Mobile Terminal, enter "su root" to improve administrator's authority, enter the default password "alpine" and then click "return". Your passwords are not displayed in order to promote security.
3. The result is shown as follows:

4. Change passwords of root and mobile.

For Windows

1. Use Putty client to connect iOS devices. Run the client, enter IP address in "PuTTY Configuration" as the image shows below and connect.

2. Retype new password according to the command to change password for root and mobile.

3. Finish! Now you can view file directories by using commands. If you're familiar with kernel systems such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, OS X, Android, you can use command to access.
Some command codes are listed as follows:

Further reading:

iPhone itself is the equal of the hardware to run Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) system. Saurik (Cydia's founder) transplanted OpenSSH to iOS platform and simplified the procedure of key authentication so as to make OpenSSH be a plug-in which can run on iPhone. At this point in time, OpenSSH is quite stable and has proven to be immune to many of the vulnerabilities which have been reported for other SSH tools.

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