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Wearable Device is the Future of the Mobile Payment

2013-10-18 9:49:35 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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According to the foreign news, smart phone doesn't support larger-scale mobile payment but wearable devices with NFC technology could offer better portable broad service. Hence wearable device may take place of smart phone and become the mobile payment future.


In the US, the penetration of mobile payment like smart phone payment is gradually climbing up. The opponent of NFC—Near Field Communication declared that the core of developing mobile payment is to replace it with other technology. For example, to apply enhanced low energy draining Bluetooth. But the incredible security of NFC is fair enough and it doesn't need to be replaced by other technology. In the contrary, we need a new device to fulfill the meaning the mobile payment with NFC technology. The answer would be wearable device.
Many people predict Apple will adopt NFC technology to iPhone5 but finally end up with Passbook. Apple may believe that the market is not ready for the mobile payment, or he may have realized that what we need is neither an alternative nor better technology. Smart phone doesn't possess the talent of providing large-scale mobile payment service.
In the other hand, wearable device is a nice choice. We hope that iWatch supports mobile payment no matter it comes to the market in this or next year. It might be NFC if iWatch to be released this year, but it might be enhanced low energy draining Bluetooth technology if issued next year. But we can see that the popularity of mobile payment has nothing to do with technology but carrier.

Wearable device era

Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and other technology leaders are developing their own wearable device. that's why people name 2013 as the start of wearable year. In fact, the research company IMS anticipates that the market size for wearable technique will exceed USD 6 billion by 2016.
In 2007, the first generation iPhone had completely changed consumer behavior. Today, you will see people around are using their mobile phone to send SMS, read digital books, watch videos, search information and pay for purchases when you are walking in the street or taking metro. People deeply depend on it as if it were an almighty device.
The design, function and convenience of smart phone emerges its great impact on people's life. Users accustom to iPhone because of its intuitive user interface, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate. For enhancing the charming of wearable device, it should be more than a notice receiver by extending its capacity and service.

NFC is a nice solution

A wrist-wear device is a natural secure equipment, which assistants you a lot no matter you are traveling or staying home. To popularize wearable device to the mainstream audience, a new technology for extending its function is core for changing consumer behavior same as iPhone.
Currently the matured NFC technology would be the best choice for it supports the combined function of IC card, time card, garage and home keys by wearing it on the wrist. it changes smart watch from a toy to a widely accepted device which popularizes the mobile payment function.

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