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Wake up! There is No Cheap iPhone!

2013-05-08 15:52:03 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Many smartphone fans are quite thrilled by the news about low-price iPhone. Although the rumor comes from Taiwan, yet people doubt that Apple is planning to sell low-price iPhone to users from emerging market in a small scale. According to the informed sources and other details, it is predicted that cheap iPhone will be outfitted with 4-inch LTPS display, A6 processor and optimized high quality mature parts. Moreover, it is said that Apple will use cost-effective plastic mobile housing for low-price iPhone.

Because of iPad Mini, users start to believe and accept Apple will compromise for the market share. There is faint possibility for a cheap iPhone and it seems unreliable. We can draw from the recent news.
1. Q2 Earnings on April 24th
The second-quarter earnings of 24th, April,2013 shows that the total operating profit is $43.6 billion, with sales of 3.74 million iPhones and 1.95 million iPads. Both sales are higher than same period last year. The iPhone revenue is $2.3 billion, almost half of the total profit. One of the reasons for better sale of iPhone is that iPad Mini didn't meet Apple's expectation and, it also impacts iPad sale.
We can see that iPhone is essential for Apple because it covers half of the revenue. If Apple pushes out mid-end iPhone , it may be same as iPad Mini, revenue hasn't seen a significant increase, instead it badly influences iPad sale. Apple won't take this suicide action.

2. iPhone won't follow iPad Mini
Smartphone is different from tablet. Nexus 7 and Kindle, the tough rivals of Apple at that time, even though they didn't mean to fight for the low-end tablet market, it showed their determination to curb Google and Amazon to monopolize the tablet market. But now the smartphone market is quite mess up, all manufactures successively release large screen phones—Huawei 6 inch, K-touch 5 inch, Samsung 5.5 inch and maybe Nokia 6 inch. Apple has released a mid-end 4 inch iPhone in the chaos and what it aims for?

3. iOS7 doesn't allow iPhone to degrade
From the current news about iOS7, it seems Apple has made up his mind to upgrade substantially.  Even there is report said that Jony Ive is risking iOS7 on software overhaul. This will only make clearer that iOS7 is starting a revolution, to put iPhone to another higher stage and lead the trend one again. Even though Tim Cook is a businessman, but he won't be that shortsighted regarding of the core profit product of Apple.

4. Completely unfit the consumers' demand
Without innovation, Apple might be the nest Nokia. It is because many Chinese iPhone users approve Apple's brand positioning that they insist from iPhone,iPhone4 till iPhone5. But finally it's quite frustrated to see the anomalies that iPhone has become "commom". As for the Chinese market, the actual consumer need to have an iPhone, no matter for the rich or for the average who want to show off.
Buying an iPhone oversea by signing contract with telecom operators cost only $199.  iPhone users think if Apple to release a mid-end iPhone, T-Mobile may use this phone to sign free contract with users. High-end phone and large screen phone are not cheap but they still sell well this year. If users require quality then cheap won't be too much attractive. Anyway we wait and see what's new in iOS7 in the coming WWDC conference in June to see the transformation of iPhone.

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