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Using iMessage to Avoid SMS costs

2013-05-09 22:04:16 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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We often keep contact with our friends and family members by texting. Especially on festivals, we send messages to express wishes. iMessage allows you to send free messages and you don’t need to pay for text messaging bundle monthly.
But you should notice that if you texts someone whose iPhone is in the Airplane mode, your phone would send SMS messages charged by operates automatically. To our delight, iPhone is designed to avoid SMS costs by turning off “Send as SMS”. Steps are as follows:
1. Go to “Setting” and tap “Messages”. Turn off the third item “Send as SMS” (iPhone is set to send charged SMS messages if iMessage fails to make a connection.)

2. Certainly, the setting can’t disable SMS messages sending completely. If you want to send SMS messages, keep pressing the message, and then tap the prompt of “Send as Messages”.

What is iMessage?

iMessage, a cross-device Short Message Service in iOS5 provided by Apple, lets you send instant messages with anyone on iPad, iPod touch which are not tied to mobile phone numbers. Send texts, photos, videos, and send messages to many friends at once, too. The prerequisite is that both sides are equipped with iOS5 so as to send message via Wi-Fi /3G. That is to say, both of you must update to iOS5 and connect to network.
In iOS5’s system, iMessage is connected with SMS text. When you add “Contacts” and send message, the system will test automatically whether the text or mail user open iMessage. If he/she opens iMessage, the text session is free and you can see “iMessage” in the sending bar. Also, the text bubble is blue. If he/she doesn’t open iMessage, the text bubble is green.

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