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How to Use iPhone Front Flash?

2013-10-04 22:28:30 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Have any iPhone users thought about why iPhone or many other Android mobile phones have set front camera but without flash? Today we would like to introduce a way to use iPhone front flash.

The new plug-in FrontFlash from the jailbreak community is one of the solutions. When user takes photo with the front cam without sufficient brightness, this plug-in helps to brighten the screen so as to provide enough light. When you finish capturing, the screen will automatically turn back to the normal camera mode. Same for the brightness.

With the screen is getting whiter, the brightness of the screen will increase accordingly. This could largely offset the lacking of light when take photo with the front cam and it won't be so dazzling as the flash. After you have installed this plug-in, there will be a flash button in the upper left corner when you turn on the front cam. Same as the back cam, there are manual and auto control modes.

User are free to select what figures of FrontFlash you wish to use when taking photo or video by adjusting the settings. You can free download FrontFlash in BigBoss source of Cydia.

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