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Tutorials on Setting up VPN on iOS Device

2013-05-08 17:58:41 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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If you often visit foreign websites, you are certainly familiar with Virtual Private Networks (VPN). I don't need to further describe it. In a word, it's a convenient tool to lift restriction on information browsing, helping you to connect to some websites and servers. Since its setting is different from that of iphone, iPad and PC, i will simply show you how to connect your iPhone or iPad to VPN.
(1) You need an account of VPN no matter charged or not charged. Some free-charged accounts provided by Internet are somewhat instable, and others are stable but need extra fee for VPN. Depend on your need and choose a suitable one for yourself. This is the free-charged address of VPN I have used in the test.

(2) Choose "Setting>General>VPN". iOS 6 is in the general root directory, while other versions are in the Internet directory.

(3) Choose "Add VPN Configuration". You can choose the name of your VPN Connection by entering it in the Description field. It can be any name like ifanbox, appifan.

(4) You need to select the Server name, the name of your VPN service provider (or IP address). Along with the server name, you need to fill your "Account Name" and "Password". Secret key is not necessary. If needed, you can follow the guidance of VPN.

(5) With all the information above done, the next step is to connect VPN. If VPN is available, the VPN icon will appear in the status bar. If you see the icon, you successfully set it up!

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