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How to Turn off Two-steps Verification for Apple ID

2013-07-04 11:22:11 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Turning on Apple ID can protect users from information leakage caused by password reset. But it's a little trouble in using it. Moreover, there's no two-steps verification service in Chinese account. Despite the advantage of it, some users still view that convenience overweighs security. If you dare to turn it off regardless of information security, follow these steps:
1. Open Apple ID management interface and click "Manage your Apple ID".

2. Enter your account and password and click "Sign in".

3. Since two-step verification is enabled, when signing in, you're required to send a verification code to your trusted device. If you have set several devices, choose the one you can access and send the verification code to it.

4. The trusted device receives "Verification Code".

5. Enter the verification code and click "Verify" at the bottom-right corner.

6. After signing in, click "Password and Security" in the left column, and then you'll see "Two-step verification is enabled" on the right. Click "Turn off two-step verification" in the bottom.

7. First of all, you're required to set three security questions. After two-step verification is turned off, you have to select security questions to verify your identity. Then choose questions in the drop-down list, fill relative answers and remember them. Finally, click the blue button at the bottom to continue.

8. Make sure to disable two-step verification for Apple ID by clicking "Tune off" in the pop-up message box.

9. The green check mark indicates that two-step verification is successfully turned off.

10. Finally, click "Save" in the lower right corner to finish setting.

In principle, two-step verification for Apple ID can put you out of risk of information leakage. Actually, I suggest you not turning it off. So look before you leap!

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