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How to Transfer Music/Photo from iPhone to iPhone

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Have you got a new iPhone 6 and want to backup your files from iPhone 5s to the new one? Maybe you have tons of good-sounding songs in your iPhone, thus you would like to share with your friends. Maybe you took lots of photos via your iPhone during your trip so you want to transfer them to your family's iPhone. However, it's impossible for you to do that without a third part tool. iOS Transfer can do what iTunes can't do.
iOS Transfer is professional in transferring files between Apple Devices with one click, including iPad, iPod and iPhone. You shouldn't miss it.
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In the following part, I will show you how to convert music and photos between iPhones. You can click the relevant icon to scan the guidance.

Part 1: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone

• Step 1: Run the apps and connect iPhones with computer
Download the version. Install and run it. Connect your iPhones with computer via two USB cables. The apps will detect the devices automatically and then display the interface like this. You can manage files in iPhone on the primary window.

• Step 2: transfer music from iPhone to iPhone
Click "Media" under the source iPhone. Click "Music" on the top line. On the music management window, select wanted songs. Click the triangle under "Export to". Choose "export to your iPhone". Then songs will be moved to destination iPhone automatically.

Part 2: How to Transfer Photo from iPhone to iPhone

• Step 1: Run the apps and connect two iPhones with computer
Run the apps. Link up your iPhones with computer. The primary window pops up like this.

• Step 2: Transfer photos from iPhone to other iPhone
Click "Photos". On the photo management window, select photos you want. You can select some specific photos or the whole albums. Then click "Export to". In the pull-down list, choose "Export to your iPhone". Then selected photos start to move to other iPhone.

Well done! It's simple to transfer music and photos between two iPhones with iOS Transfer. The apps is also compatible with iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5s/5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. You can download a trial version to give it a shoot.
Windows Version Mac Version

More Tips of Transfer Apps & Data from iPhone to New iPhone

Apple uses iTunes and the backups you make of your iPhone to both restore backup data to a phone and transfer data between devices. If you purchase a new iPhone and you want to transfer the apps and data from your old iPhone, you will use the iTunes backup and restore processes to facilitate this. You simply perform a backup of your old iPhone and restore that backup to your new iPhone. The iTunes and iPhone software do the heavy lifting. It is even possible to back up an iPhone and restore the data to an iPod Touch in this manner.
• Step 1: Connect your old iPhone to your computer using the USB cable that connects to the phone.

• Step 2: Open iTunes and select your iPhone name in the left column and press the "sync" button in the lower right corner of iTunes. You should see a notification in the middle window at the top of iTunes that indicates the old phone is being backed up. You can ensure that it is backed up, if you right-click (or control-click on a Mac) on the iPhone name in the left column of iTunes and select "Back Up" from the pop-up menu.

• Step 3: Disconnect your old iPhone and connect your new iPhone to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. You may be able to use the same USB cable, but best to use the cable that came with the new iPhone.

• Step 4: Locate the icon and name of the new iPhone in the left column of iTunes and right-click (or control-click on a Mac) on it. This will pop up a menu, and you will need to select the option to "Restore from Backup."

• Step 5: Choose a backup to restore. There should be a backup with the name of your old iPhone and a date and time that correspond with the backup you just performed.

• Step 6: Wait for the backup of your old iPhone to fully restore to your new iPhone. When the restoration process is complete, you will have all apps and data from your old iPhone on your new iPhone.

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