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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPod

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iPod is absolutely a good music player for people to enjoy music. If you've got a brand new iPod and want to have all songs on your iPhone moved to it, for certain reasons, you may not want to do that through iTunes in case of data losing. Then you may resort to this article, which is going to tell you how to achieve your goal.
In fact, an iPhone to iPod transfer software can help you. Here are two recommendations for you. One is called iOS Transfer, which is designed to transfer various files like music, pictures, videos, tv show, voice memos and so on from iPhone to other idevice like iPod; the other one Mobile Transfer, just as whose name implies, is a data transfer program that allows you to move contents between iPhone with other devices as well.

Part 1: Transfer Music from iPhone to iPod with iTunes?

• Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cord and open iTunes if it does not open automatically. Click the device icon for your iPod in the left column of the iTunes application window.

• Step 2: Click the "Music" tab and check the "Sync Music" box. Click "Apply" to sync your iPhone. iTunes will automatically import purchased music from your iPhone into the "Purchased on iPhone" playlist. Click the "Eject" icon next to your iPhone's device icon and disconnect your iPhone.

• Step 3: Connect your iPod to your computer and click the device icon when it appears in iTunes. If you have the automatic management and updating feature enabled, click "Sync" to sync your iPhone and import all new music in your iTunes library, including the music imported from your iPhone. If you have the manual management feature enabled, proceed to the next step.

• Step 4: Select the music from your iPhone you want to import from your iPod. You can import music purchased on your iPhone or music in your iTunes library you have previously imported to your iPhone. Use the "Shift" key to select songs in a row or the "Command" key to select songs that are not next to each other.

• Step 5: Click your selected songs and, still holding your mouse click, drag them to your iPod's device icon. Release your mouse to drop your songs into your iPod's music library when you see the green "+" symbol. To add music to a specific playlist, drag and drop your songs directly into the playlist. Click "Apply" to sync your iPod and save your changes.

Tips: Edit manual and automatic management settings for your iPod in the "Summary" window. Click the device icon for your iPod in iTunes to access the "Summary" window.

Part 2: Transfer iPhone Music to iPod with iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer supports all models of iPhone and iPod. For other devices, you can learn more information of iOS Transfer.
Please download the trial version of iOS Transfer for free and install it on your computer.
Windows Version Mac Version

• Step 1: Connect both iPhone and iPod to the computer
Launch the program and connect both your iPhone and iPod with the computer via their USB cables respectively. Your devices will be shown on the window after a few seconds if they are detected by the program. You can see the devices' name on the left column.
iOS Transfer for iPhone to iPod

• Step 2: Export songs from iPhone to iPod
In this step, firstly, unfold your iPhone name on the left column to click "Music". Then you can see several music items on the right windows. The program then will display the songs you can select to export.
When you finish the song selection, you just need to click "TO Device". Then a pull-down list will pop up, please choose to export to your iPod. The exporting thereby starts to transfer the songs to iPod and you can see the process bar.
Transfer iPhone Music to iPod

Please download the trial version of iOS Transfer for free to have a try.
Windows Version Mac Version

Part 3: Copy Music from iPhone to iPad with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer support iOS, Symbian and Android but not all of them nowadays, so please learn more Mobile Transfer to check the supported iPhones and iPods and system here before you download the program.
Free download Mobile Transfer from below and install it on your computer.
Windows Version

• Step 1: Connect both your iPhone and iPod to the computer
Launch Mobile Transfer on your computer, you will get the start window below. Connect both you iPhone and iPod to the computer via their USB cables respectively.

When both your devices are recognized by the program, they will be shown on each side of the window.
Note: The transfer is from the left device to the right one, you can press "Flip" button in the middle to switch their places if you need.

• Step 2: Transfer iPhone music to iPod
Before transferring music, you can check "Clear data before copy" to make room for new the songs if you need.
Now, in the middle column, please only check "Music", then click "Start Copy" to get the transferring started. You can see the process from the popping-up window as below.

Free download the program below for a try.
Windows Version

To transfer different kinds of files from iPhone to other devices, both iOS Transfer and Mobile Transfer are good choices. You may choose the one you like to move your music from iPhone to iPod according to your need. Each one is easy-to-use and efficient and convenient.

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