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How to Transfer Audiobooks from iPad to Computer

2014-05-14 21:39:22 / Updated by to How to iPad
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Nowadays, lots of people read Audiobooks when they are in bus, underground or train in day and night. Actually, Audiobooks have some advantages that traditional paper books can't compare with them, which lead to a trend more people tend to read Audiobooks. As a bookworm, you may keep a large amount of Audiobooks in your iPad. Have you ever considered or faced the problem that you might loss your Audiobooks if your iPad was gone or broken? If so, I'd like to share my experience to work out that problem with iPad Transfer.
iOS Transfer is designed to transfer all contents from your iOS device to computer. Not only Audiobooks, but also albums, videos and so on can be exported through the apps.
Please download a trial version from here. Choose the relevant button according to system version of your computer. Then follow the detailed steps below.
Windows Version Mac Version

How to Export Audiobooks from iPad to my local Computer ?

• Step 1: Install iOS Transfer and connect iPad to your computer
Your iPad will be detected by the iOS Transfer software automatically. An interface like this will pop up to show all your detailed information in iPad, such as Type, Color, Capacity and Free storage path will be shown on the main interface.
iPad Audriobooks on iOS Transfer

• Step 2: Choose target audiobooks files on iPad
Click "Audiobooks" icon on the left side. All of your audio books will appear, but there is no thumbnails about the books, so you need to remember the name of the audio books before you transfer. Choose the books as you wish to export to computer from the right window of the program.
iPad Audiobooks to Transfer

• Step 3: Transfer the audio books from iPad to computer
Make sure that you finish to select the audio books, after that, you need to find the "To PC" button on this interface, you can see five rounded buttons on the top margin, the "To PC" is the fifth one. Click it and the storage dialog box will pop up, choose one of folders or found a new folder that you want to store, then click "OK" in the bottom right corner. Finally, you can enjoy your audiobooks on your computer.
Transfer iPad Audiobooks to Computer

Here is the tutorial of how to export Audiobooks from iPad to PC. With the iOS Transfer software, you can also attempt to copy other entertainment contents from iPad to Windows or Mac (Please check the iOS Transfer (Mac) here).
Please download a trial version from here and follow the steps above.
Windows Version Mac Version

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