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How to Transfer Data From Your Old iPhone To iPhone 5

2013-05-16 14:42:22 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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If you get a new iPhone 5 but don't know how to transfer the data from your old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, refer to the following Apple official instruction and hope that it will help you smoothly transfer.
Please note that this transferring method works well among all other iOS devices including iPad and iPod Touch. Here we take iPhone as an example.
There are two ways to transfer data from old iPhone to new one:
1. Restore from iTunes backup.
2. Restore from iCloud.
So what are the pros and cons between restoring from iTune backup and iCloud backup?

From iTunes backup:
1. Convenient for PC and Mac users.
2. No limitation for backup storage.
3. Fit for users who possess massive photos.
4. Fit for users who possess lots apps, iTunes music and videos.
5. Quick to restore.
6. Low requirements for network environment.

From iCloud backup:
1. Support only with WiFi and 3G network.
2. May charge.
3. Fit for users used to play iPhone.
4. Higher requirements for network environment.

Once you open iCloud backup, iTunes backup will be automatically disabled. If you backup with iCloud before, you need to manually unlock local iTunes backup.
Kindly remind: iTunes is not that optimized with Windows, it will occupied much space of C disk when you run iTunes. Better to clean C disk in advance.

How to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone with iTunes backup?

1. First connect our old iPhone with computer(the latest version of iTunes supports WiFi connection).  Launch iTunes, right click your iPhone device and choose Back up. Wait till backup complete.

2. Disconnect the iPhone and plug the new one. Right click your device and choose Restore from Backup.

Pay attention NOT to click Reset because that means restore your iPhone to manufacture default.
Contacts, calendar, messages, apps and legal data, photos, iTunes music, safari bookmarks and other data can be restored from iTunes backup.
But mp3 or PDF which are imported to your iPhone are not able to restore from iTunes backup because iTunes won't backup those data. Similarly, jail break apps are not authorized so they can't be backup and restored.
If you don't have too many photos and also don't have too much data in iCloud backup, in addition that you are in an excellent network environment, it is easier to restore directly from iCloud backup.
Go to Settings and then to iCloud in your old iPhone. Choose whatever you want to backup then click Storage&Backup, dab Back Up Now.

After backup finish, turn your new iPhone on. If your new iPhone hasn't finish settings(to be activated or in welcome interface), log in to your iPhone with you old iCloud account. Choose Restore from iCloud Backup:

The data you can store from iCloud backup are similar from iTunes backup. Since all the data are downloaded from internet, it will be slower than restored from computer. It might takes hours according to the domestic internet speed. So it is recommended to restore from iTunes backup.

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