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Tips for Extending iPhone 5 Battery Life

2013-05-06 20:43:45 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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According to the Apple official saying, the battery specification of iPhone 5 is: 3.8V,1440mAh 5.45Whr, equipped with A6 chip and iOS6 system. Thus iPhone5 is able to run a whole day with sufficient power. Web browsing time can be up to 8 hours via cellular network, talk time 8 hours, video playback 10 hours and theoretical standby time 225 hours.

However, the lifetime of iPhone 5 cannot always match official saying in practical use. Therefore most of Apple fans will be concern about how to extend iPhone 5 battery life. Anyway, Apple fans can consult the following tips help saving iPhone 5 power.

1. Go to "settings""Privacy""Location Service""Systems Services", keep only "Traffic" on and off others.
All those are not practical applications. If you don’t turn them off the GPS will keep sending and receiving data which is quite battery consuming.

2. Go to "Settings""General""Date &Time"Off"Set Automatically".
Otherwise your mobile phone terminal will keep searching your current location and adjust the time automatically according to your location.

3. Go to "General""About""Diagnostics & Usage"→ Tap "Don’t send".
This option will pop out while being activated. Normally we choose "Don't send" otherwise your mobile phone will automatically record all the occurred systematic malfunctions and send to Apple Server. It is suggested to turn off since it’s one of the major battery draining causes.

4. Go to "Settings""Brightness & Wallpaper"→ Off "Auto-Brightness".
This is also a quite practical function, users can choose to off or on in their own will.

5.Go to "Wi-Fi" and off "Ask to Join Networks".

6. Lock your iPhone 5 when you're not using it. Go to "Settings""General""Auto-Lock"

7. If LTE service is not provided in your location, then switch it off. Go to "Settings""General""Cellular""Enable LTE".

8. Go to "Settings""Notifications""Weather Widget/Stock Widget"→Notification Center and manually set push notifications.

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