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Ten Unique Accessories Make Your iPhone 5 Special

2013-07-26 11:38:44 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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According to news from Tencent on 14th May, it has been 8 months since iPhone 5 comes to the market. There are diverse accessories match with iPhone 5 in the market during the time. American Technology Blog has listed 10 iPhone 5 accessories recently, claiming that they could enhance the user's experience and make iPhone 5 more useful and easy-to-use. Let's see what are they.
1. Fuel is the smallest smartphone charger in the world. It adopts microcell technology which prolongs another 20-30 mins longer of battery life. (USD$24.99)

2. Lightning data line of Ventev can connect any Apple devices with a Lightning port. The advantage of this data line is that it won't tangle together. There are also many colors options that you can easily differentiate. (USD$25)

3. Matrix Audio Qube speaks the loudest among the small size speaker boxes. The durable  aluminum casing well-fitted with iPhone. (USD$49.99)

4. Lapka environmental sensor together with iPhone enable you to measure, collect and analyze the hidden quality of the surrounding articles. For instance, you can check the organic degree of an apple with this sensor. (USD$200)

5. Most of the time iPhone cover will only make you feel cumbersome and it won't actually be able to protect your iPhone. But iPhone cover from Spigen Slim Armor is really impressing since you can hardly feel any weight and your iPhone will be surprisingly protected. (USD$24.99)

6. Vamp is a project that supported by Kickstarter. Vamp enables you to revive your old speaker to be wireless iPhone speaker. (USD$70)

7. If your iPhone had ever drained out of battery and you couldn't find anywhere to charge it, you may need a Mophie charging case. Juicepack Air or Helium charging case helps you to extend the battery life for another few hours. (Helium USD$79.95/Juicepack Air USD$99.95)

8. Tylt banded car charger is available for two devices at the same time and also the data line won't tangled. It looks cool and many colors are available. (USD$29.99)

9. You can use Cube Sensors to measure the environment. This sensor helps user understand when and why you will feel sleepy in the meetings. It can also measure the unpleasant noise, or even offer you info to comprehend the temperature and air quality that might influence your sleeping quality. (Two cubes USD$249/four cubes USD$349)

10. MOS metal magnetic collecting box is an excellent solution for the user who processes many devices. It collects and organizes all the data lines on your desk so that they won't tangle together when they are not in used. (USD$19.95)

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