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Simple Steps to Increase iOS 7 Security & Privacy

2013-12-21 14:11:47 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Praise and doubt on Apple's product has never stopped, although Apple has attempted to improve its products by making them more convenient and adding stronger security settings inside them. In fact, security is often in conflict with convenience. In other word, you can't eat one's cake and have it. So you should figure out which is more significant.
iOS7 new design

Actually, it's not easy for hackers to attack your system through security hole if you have used the security tools. Although it costs you time and money, you would be grateful for the security tool if your things are stolen. Since not long ago, Apple officially launch iOS 7, now I'd like to show you how to improve its security.

1. Use Stronger Coded Lock

Use Stronger Coded Lock

If you have bought iPhone 5s, you can directly use Touch ID, that is, the fingerprint identification sensor, to protect your data. You need to use coded lock on screen to unlock your iPhone, if appear the following scenarios:
a. reboot your phone;
b. input wrong codes at five times;
c. leave your phone unused for 48 hours.
Users can set longer and more complicated codes to improve its security lest someone pry into your privacy and steal your confidential information. In addition, the text based passcode allows you to set longer and complicated codes, so that you might as well have a try.

2. Remove notification alerts and system switcher

Remove Notification Alerts & System Switcher

To be honest, the alerting service for calls, texts or App's updating information is useful and somewhat necessary. Users can be informed before unlocking their screens. But for those who care much about their personal privacy, the service makes them annoyed. So how can we switch off the capability for notification?
Take "Siri" and "Passbook" as examples. Go to "Setting" > "General" > "Passcode locking", and then input your passcode. Find the option of "Allow Notification Alerts" and switch off Siri and Passbook. In this way, if you want to use Passbook and Siri, you need to input passcode.

3. Make Use of Two-step Verification

Two-step Verification in iOS 7

Not long ago, it was said that there were loopholes in the course of resetting passcode for Apple ID. But some users survived by turning on two-step verification. Although it's a little complicated to turn on verification, for security, it would be a necessity. Apart from Apple ID, users who have Google account, drop box account and Twitter account can make use of two-step verification.

4. Defense against information disclosure

Defense Against Information Disclosure

Users often ignore the importance of protecting the information stored in your mobile phone. In fact, iPhone with iOS 7 system are endowed with the functionality of protecting information kept in mobile browsers. The premise is that you need to set up your phone.
Go to "Setting" > "Safari". Then slide the page and you'll find the options of "Security and Privacy", check the option and find "Stop Cookie". You can check the item, follow the guide, and defense against information disclosure.
In addition, stopping App from visiting your contacts is of equally importance. Go to "Setting" > "Privacy" and you'll see "Contact", "Calendar", "Photos", etc. Check every item and you can see all the applications linked to these items. Close the app to protect your information.

5. How to erase Internet visit history?

Erase Internet Visit History of iOS 7

If you don't use the confidential browsing function of Safari at the very beginning, removing personal data seems crucial. Mobile phone contains lots of personal information including texts, photos and e-mails. You'd better export them out and clean up your phone.
Go to "Setting" > "Safari" and then you can click "Clear history" or "Clear Cookie and data" to clean up all traces. Besides, in "Advanced" > "Website data", you can see "Remove all website data".
If you wanna remove all content, click "Setting" > "General" > "restore", and then you can manipulate it.
Besides the above five points, I recommend you to use "Passcode Manager".
Increase Security iOS 7

If you need to remember plenty of passcodes, I suggest you use "Passcode Manager". Use one passcode to remember all. Many passcode managers, such as 1Passcode, OneSafe, LastPass, are provided if you search them in "App Store". If you jailbreak or update your phone, be sure to backup programs and the content in programs.

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