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Six Troublesome iPhone Settings & Solutions

2013-10-17 10:54:19 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Even though iPhone is famous for its convenience but some settings are still unintelligible. Here we will list six of the settings and teach you how to deal with them.

iMessage read receipts

go to "Setting"- "Messages" and turn off "Send read receipts".
Details please refer to "How to Turn Off iMessage Report and Read Receipts?" if your UDID is among the 1 million that AntiSec posted. So I suggest you to change your Apple ID passwords.

Keyboard clicks sound

Some users may not like the tap-tap while they are typing. You can optionally turn itoff from "Settings" - "Sounds" - "Keyboard Clicks".

Lock sounds

Similar for the screen lock, some folks don't like the sound then you can go to "Settings" - "Sounds" - "Lock sounds" to turn it off.

Notifications of some apps

Some push-up notifications are useful but not all of them are helpful. Some annoying push-ups are only ads and always disturb you while you are doing something important. Enter "Settings" - "Notifications" and turn off the apps that you don't want reminder.

iMessage alert

You will be motive once when you receive a message and after a few minutes you will be reminded again. Some users may always receive spam message or they won't use iMessage that often. Then you can go to "Settings" - "Notification" and set "Repeat Alert" to once or never.

Badge App Icon

Some update alerts are meaningless so we can just turn them off. You are optional to turn them off by "Settings" - "Notifications" - "Badge App Icon".

Now we have banned most of the boring settings. If you have more discovery we would like you to share with all the users.

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