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Six Disadvantages of Jailbreak Released by Apple

2013-05-10 17:20:54 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Recently, the long-expected iOS.6.x Jailbreak has been released, which many Apple fans have awaited eagerly for a long time. People all over the world flock to Evasion website to access to Jailbreak through several simple steps (Here's the tutorial). But the majorities know little about the standpoints of Apple Inc. The official declaration of Apple Inc. is listed below:

The stability of joint implementation among iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been put into priority, and thus the unauthorized iOS (Jailbreak) would exert bad impact systematically including:
1) Instability of systems and applications: Phones crash without alters, APP flashes back, and data lose.

2) Safety concerns: The jailbreak probably reduces security, potentially permits Hacker (Trojan horses) to steal personal private information, damage systems, attack Wi-Fi and bring about malicious programs.

3) Reduction of the battery's lifespan: Decoding the software increases time consumption and decreases the battery's lifespan of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

4) Unreliable voice and data include: dropped calls, low speed of connecting networks and information misallocation and delay.

5) Service interruption: Apps like "Visual Voicemail", "YouTube", "Weather", "Stocks" are unavailable. It’s likely for you to miss notices or mistakenly receive what is supposed to send to the hacked devices when using App with "Push" on iPhone. Problems may occur on other applications like "iCloud and Exchange" when syncing.

6) Unable to update software: The Jailbreak may damage iOS beyond repair. Once Jailbroken, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch may never use the updates Apple releases.


Apple makes a statement that iUsers should not install any decoded version of iOS or violate the end-uses License agreement. Apple are entitled to reject to repair all the unauthorized iOS device. (It's said that the only way is to resume production set if your phone needs repairing. If the problem is caused due to the installation of a jailbreak, Apple will reasonably refuse to repair.)

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