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Sharepod: iPod, iPhone & iPad Music Transfer

2013-09-23 11:39:23 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Are you a music fan? If you are, you may pursue high quality sounding to have an iPod or iPhone because as known, Apple devices have an excellent sounding for music. Maybe you have download tons of music in your iPod. However, what would happen if you sync your iPod with other iTunes? You may lose your music in iPod forever. You are suggested to backup iPod songs album to computer. Once you lose music in iPod, you can get them back from pc. Here comes the problem. How to transfer music to computer? With Sharepod, you don't need to worry.
Sharepod with simple user-friendly elegant interface enables you to transfer music from iPod, iPhone and iPad to Mac and PC. Besides that, it allows you to share or copy music from iDevices to any computer with only one click.

However, since Sharepod only allows you to transfer music from iDevices to computer, you can't directly copy files from computer to iDevices with it. If you want to find some app which allows you to transfer files not only between iDevices and computer, but also among iDevices, iOS Transfer is strongly recommended to you. It can do what iTunes can't do.
If you want to move data from one iPhone to other iPhone, you don't have to copy files from iPhone to computer and then from computer to iPhone. With iOS Transfer, you can connect two iPhones with computer and directly transferring files.
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Windows Version Mac Version

How to Transfer iPod, iPhone & iPad Music to Mac & PC?

Follow the direction and copy your music to computer. Let's take iPod Nano as example.

• Step 1: Preparation before starting
First, check .NET Framework in your computer whether upgrades to 2.0 or latest version.
Secondly, make sure you have installed iTunes and QuickTime in your computer. Without these two apps, Sharepod may not work properly.

• Step 2: Enable iPod as movable disk
This step is about setting iPod as a movable disk.
Launch iTunes. Connect iPod with computer via USB. The apps will detect your device automatically. Then you can see that iPod has been connected with iTunes successfully. Click the icon iPod Nano and then Summary. In the drop down list, find out Options. Tick off "Enable disk use". Click the button "Apply".
Enable iPod Disk Use

• Step 3: Launch the apps to transfer music from iPod to computer
As you can see, Sharepod has simple icons on the top line for you to operate, including "Copy to computer", "Copy to iPod", "Backup iPod", "Search" and more.
Click the button "Copy to computer". A window pops up to request you to find a folder to place your imported music. Tick off "Import my music to iTunes". After that, click "OK".
Copy Music to Computer

Good! You have moved your music from iPod to computer and iTunes with Sharepod. It's so simple, right? It also supports iPhone and iPad.

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