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Seven Tricks Help You Make Good Use of iPhone 5s

2013-12-05 13:52:06 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Apple is always expert in producing devices which are intuitive to use. iPhone 5s comes with so many new features that you might miss some of them, so we are showing you a few tips and tricks here to call your attention to those admirable new features of iPhone 5s and help you make the best use of your iPhone 5s.

1. Take photos fast
The iPhone 5s camera and camera app have got something new. At the bottom right of the lock screen there's a camera icon to launch the camera app. The volume button on you phone's left side can also be a shutter button for rapid snap. You can take ten pictures per second by holding on the shutter button or the volume button. After that, you can choose your favorite one from the bunch of photos.

2. Free download iWork App
iPhone 5s brings about a series of free office apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, each of which cost 10 dollars before. Now you can download these free iWork apps from the App Store to your heart's content.

3. Take slow motion videos
Slow motion video-taking is iPhone 5s' great stride in camera features. Open the camera app, swipe to the right twice and enter the Slo-Mo mode to take videos. Click the video thumbnail at the bottom left, under the Camera Roll you can drag the timeline to decide the beginning and the ending of the slow motion. That would create dramatic effect for your record, especially when you are shooting wave splashing or water pouring.

4. Make use of the motion processor
Apple has strained to develop M7 motion processor, which could follow many of your activities. We know that many apps would make use of this feature, but now the exiting apps working with it includes Strava Run, Argus, Weather Run, Pedometer ++, and the latest M7 Pedometer – Steps.

5. Better use Siri
Siri on iPhone 5s has got some improvements worth trying. You don't have to holding on the Home button to launch Siri; just go to Settings > General > Siri and open it. If you don't like the pronunciation of Siri, you can choose the English spoken by other three countries. You can also tell Siri to turn WiFi on down or even go to FaceBook to post an update.

6. Use Apple Map to navigate
The Apple Map also makes huge progresses. The brand-new night mode would turn on automatically when the sun goes down. You can click the 3D icon to switch to the flyover view and rotate or tilt the view with two fingers.
When you get to a location, you can click the Quick Route button beside the location name to navigate to another location. You can also share the locations via AirDrop, Mail, Messages or social media.

7. Add more emoticons to your messages
If you'd love to add more emoticons to your messages, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards, choose to add a new keyboard and select Emoji option. After that, when you're texting messages, you would see the little globe icon at the bottom left, where you can find all kinds of funny emoticons to add to your messages.

iPhone 5s does make great improvements. That's what we gather for you about iPhone 5s's new features. We'd love to make sure you're using it to your best advantage. Enjoy it!

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