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Secret iPhone 5 Shortcuts You Never Know Of

2013-05-20 17:25:11 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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With the increasingly consummation of iOS, more and more humanized shortcut keys are added to iPhones. Don't look down upon three keys "POWER", "VOLUMN", "HOME", whose combination can implement powerful functions. Now let’s have a look at the functions of iPhone 5.
1. Use "POWER+HOME" button (ignore the shutdown slider); keep pressing 7 seconds for shutting down, and 8 seconds for rebooting. The tip is designed to tackle problems like dead halt and inability to quit software.

2. Double click the pad with one finger or tap with three fingers simultaneously to magnify the screen.

3. In the state of shutdown, use "POWER+HOME" button. When seeing the white icon of "Apple", unloose "POWER" button, keep pressing "HOME", then entry mode of "Resume".

4. Use "POWER+HOME" button to crop pictures.

5. In the operating state of an application, keep pressing "HOME" button for 8 seconds to force the application to exit. This is designed to deal with applications halted.

6. When a call is coming, press "POWER" button to set your iPhone to "Slient"; double press to refuse the call.

7. Double press "HOME" button and the taskbar shows up. Press "HOME" button three times to customize.

8. Press the "Mute" button on the side so as to remove the shutter sound when taking photos secretly.

9. Shaking the phone to delete your message draft. If you mistakenly delete your message draft in the Notes, shaking your iPhone can rescue it.

10. When entering a string of number like "123456*1237" and mistakenly replacing "7" with "4", do you need to tap "Empty" and enter again? Definitely not. You just need to slide on the display area with your finger to delete "4", and then enter "7".

And that's it for now folks. Share with us any hidden and not widely known features or shortcuts you know in the comments.

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