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Search Deleted Messages in iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

2013-06-19 14:25:36 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Recently there is rumor said that deleted message could be searched in iPhoe 4S and iPhone 5. So how iPhone searches the deleted messages? Is it the left slide function of iPhone 5 is so powerful that it can find out removed messages? Some net users said messages within 2 months could be found but some others said none could be searched. So what's the fact?


Regarding to iOS6 system, there is certain rationality about searching deleted message. There are two premises for searching for deleted messages.
1. After you have deleted the message, your iPhone hasn't been restarted.
2. After you have deleted the message, the message app has not yet exited.
If you confirm these two premises then you may probably find removed messages by left slide function. But there might be another bigger condition that you may have to know some certain words in those deleted messages. In brief, iPhone is able to search the cache data before they are to be completely erased. What else is that you can't open those deleted messages even though they have been found.

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