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How to Safely Delete An iCloud Account

2013-11-01 22:12:29 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Before you set off to delete iCloud account, let's see in what cases you may need to delete iCloud account.
Situation 1: You share same Apple ID with your family members. This may lead to:
a) contacts disappear or mix up.
b) receive strangers' message  or FaceTime call.
c) fail to use iCloud backup or find my iPhone.
Situation 2: The email that you bound with Apple ID will be invalid. Then you will need to change another email address.
Now let's see how to delete iCloud account. Go to "Settings" and roll down to "iCloud". You will see a red "Delete Account" in the bottom. On Mac, go to "Preferences" - "iCloud" then log out.  

When you click "Delete Account" or "Log Out",  you will see a same pop-up warning reminding you "If you delete your account, all Photo Stream photos and documents stored in iCloud will be deleted from." Pay attention that Photo Stream is vary from photos that stored in your device. It stores all photos you that you took with any Apple devices in iCloud for 30 days.

Before you proceed, make sure whether you have turned on "Photo Stream" in iCloud setting. If it's being shut down then you can ignore the warning. If it's on, dab it and check what photos you have in Photo Stream, make sure that all the important pictures are save in your camera roll. Check carefully otherwise you may regret to have deleted them.
Additionally, the warning also mentioned that files stored in iCloud will be deleted. If you want to check what files are stored in iCloud, first "Cancel" then back to "Documents & Data". If you have edited any file with iWork then the edited file will be stored in iCloud, maybe there are also archive emails, games etc. Now go back to deleting step when you feel it fine to do so.

Now let's talk about contacts, calendar, reminder and safari data. You are optional to delete those ino.
Situation 1: Without your personal info but include your family members' info.
You can choose to delete contacts, calendar, reminder and safari data from "Delete From My Device" if you are in this case.

Situation 2: Your family members' info and your personal info mix together.
If you choose to save in your device then the info won't be deleted. You could still set up your own iCloud account so that all the data could be merged into iCloud. Deleting contacts and calendar will be a tough task.
Once you delete the old iCloud account in your device, you can create a new one by dabbing "Get a Free Apple ID".

You can send and receive new iMessage or make FaceTime calling via new account. Go to "Settings" and log in with new account in iMessage and do the same with FaceTime. Anyone who uses iCloud must involve "Photo Stream" Photo Stream allows you to upload and store photos that are taken in 30 days as well as push them all to your iOS devices without syncing. Some private photos might have been pushed up to iCloud also without you realizing it. In order to avoid this, you can consult to another tutorial How to Delete Photos from Photo Stream.

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