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How to Restore Recycle Bin in Windows or Trash in Mac

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Some computer users get used to clear the recycle bin every few weeks or few months. But sometimes they put important files with the trash files and delete together accidentally. If just delete the files we can still get them back from the recycle bin, but if the trash bin is emptied then it is a bit headache to get the unexpected deleted files back. Most people believe that they can find the cleared files from emptied recycle bin and actually yes you can. But you need a professional data recovery program to complete this task.
So here we would like to kindly remind you that don't move any new files or install any new program in the disk that you want to restore your deleted from, since this act will overwrite the removed files. So to undelete the Recycle Bin, please keep the disk as it is after you have deleted the files.
How to restore Recycle Bin?
Once you emptied the Recycle Bin or Trash, the Windows or Mac OS can't restore the files by itself. You need the help data recovery tool to restore Trash or Recycle Bin. Data Recovery for Mac (Data Recovery for Windows) can be a nice choice. Both of them are 100% guaranteed safe, and supprts the Recycle Bin or Trash restore with no quality loss of the files. You can try the free trial version to scan and preview your lost files from the Recycle Bin before you pay for it. Just take a try!
Mac Version Windows Version

Tutorial: How to Undelete Recycle Bin or Trash ?

• Step 1: Select mode for recovery
Choose "Lost File Recovery", this mode should be able to help you to get the deleted files back as it can recover files deleted by Command+Delete and from emptied Trash, as well as from formatted or corrupted partition. If you still cannot get the files you want then try for the second one - "Raw Recovery". This mode helps you to get the files deleted for a period of time and the recovered files will have no original names and folder structure.

• Step 2: Choose the hard drive
Now this step is to identify the hard drive partition for recovering your deleted files. Normally for Mac user it should be the Macintosh HD.

• Step 3: Preview the files and recover
All the files that have not yet been overwritten will be scanned and displayed now. Normal image format, archives and other documents are allowed to be previewed. If you couldn't find the files you need then search from the search bar and this will help you recover quickly.

Here I would like to briefly introduce the function of "Filter Options". "Filter Options" helps you to fast locate the very files that you are looking for like image, video, audio, document, archive and email so that you can save time for recovery.

Last but not least, we will like to remind you again and again that please do NOT save the recovered files to the partition that you restore your files from in case that the final files are not what you expected or you need to recover other files.
What's more, Data Recovery for Mac will meet your comprehensive needs. Apart from the Data Recovery for Mac, which is especially designed for Mac user, we also have Data Recovery for Windows (Window8, 7, XP, Vista). We guarantee you Data Recovery for Mac is a "Green" software without containing any other plug-ins. Download the program and start to recover your data.

Mac Version Windows Version

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