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Reset Forgotten Passcode for your iPhone

2013-05-24 10:50:21 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Passcode protection is an effective way to help you prevent unauthorized uses from accessing your iPhone, thus keep your personal information from others. You may have set some complex passwords even you cannot remember them easily. But, what if you forget the password for your iPhone? How can you unlock your device in this situation? Here we provide you three solutions to deal with this problem. They are for three specific cases respectively:
1. Having backed up your device via iTunes
2. Your device not have been backed up
3. "Find My iPhone" function set up
Now, check your situation and find the suitable way:

How to Reset Forgotten Passcode for your iPhone

Having backed up device via iTunes
If you have backed up your iPhone on the computer, you can reset passcode by restoring it. Here is how to do it:
1. Connect your iPhone to computer which has been synced with the device before, and then open iTunes.

2. Right click "Devices" on the left bar of iTunes and choose "Back Up".

3. After backup finishes, select "Recovery" under "Devices".

4. Restore your device from the latest backup after recovery, your iPhone will restore the latest backed-up data files and you can enter your device without passcode.

Note: If iTunes reminds you to input passwords when connecting, connect your device with another synced computer, or you can turn to the second or third solution below.

Device not having been backed up
1. Connect your iPhone to the computer, and it may pop up an alert message like this:
2. Disconnect the USB cable from the iPhone, with the other end connecting to the computer

3. Press and hold the Sleep/On button for a few seconds until the red slide bar appears, slide to turn off the device.

4. Hold the Home button while you reconnect the USB cable to your iPhone, the iPhone will turn on then.

5. Continue to hold the Home button until the “Connect to iTunes” window displays on the screen.

6. You will see a message telling you iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode and needs to restore (as is shown below). Click "OK" and wait for restoring. Then you can access your iPhone freely.


Note: It will erase all data on your iPhone as if the device is brand new. Only perform it when necessary.

Set up "Find My iPhone"
If you have set up "Find My iPhone" on your device, you can use "Remote Wipe" to erase all data on your iPhone. You can recover the latest data files for the last time you backed it up on iCloud and reset iPhone passcode without any difficulty. Here we'll see how to set up "Find My iPhone" on your device.
1. Go to "Setting" > "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" > "Add account".

2. Select "MobileMe" and input your Apple ID and password.

3. Once log in successfully, select "Find My iPhone" option. Click "Allow" when it pops up a window reminding you this enables Find My iPhone features.

4. Now that you have set it up on your device, you can visit "iCloud.com" and launch iCloud with the same Apple ID and password in the step2.

5. Click on "Find My iPhone" in the interface after launching successfully.

6. Choose the device you want to track in the list of all your devices on the left side of the map page. It will show you the device's location on the map.

Note: if the map cannot display normally, add the following shown in blue into the "hosts" file which locates in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\et.
#apple Google Map maps-api-ssl.google.com maps.gstatic.com mts1.google.com mts0.google.com khms0.google.com khms1.google.com

7. You can choose "Play Sound or Send Message" under "Information" icon on the map to sent messages remotely. Also, you can select "Remote Lock" or "Remote Wipe" option if your iPhone is lost or stolen.

8. You can also download "Find My iPhone" app from the App store and locate or control your iPhone via another iOS device such as an iPad or iPod touch without using a computer. Sounds cool, right?

As talked above, the three methods in three different situations are all easy for you to handle to unlock your iPhone when you forget the passcode. Besides, they work for all iOS devices. You can apply them into your iPhone as well as iPad or iPod touch. But we remind you to make a backup of your device first in case all data lose after restoring.

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