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How to Recover Deleted Photo from iMac

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How Can I Restore Deleted Photos from iMac

"I took a lot of photos in Newfoundland and save them into My iMac. But today I turn on my iMac, but I cannot find the photo files, I can't find in the trash bin, either. It's a disaster if you lose all the pictures. I don't have a second chance to take the pictures again. So could you tell me how to get back?"

First of all, turn to Time Machine backup for help. It's the best and easiest way to save your lost images. What if you don't have a backup? It doesn't mean that you have no chance to recover your photos. As long as your data have not been overwritten, you can also easily retrieve them with a third-party iMac photo recovery application.
I humbly recommend Data Recovery for Mac to you. Data Recovery for Mac enables you to scan all deleted data and effectively recover your lost photos, music, and other multimedia files from Mac hard drive, memory cards, and digital cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Minolta, and Olympus and so on. With clear interface and simple operation steps, Data Recovery is quite suitable for common MacBook users. You can preview all your photos before recovery, which is convenient and saves your big time. It's easy-to-use digital photo recovery software for both beginners and professionals.
You can download a trial version of Data Recovery for Mac from below. This trial version enables you to scan your iMac and preview the found photos so that you can make sure how many photos you will be able to retrieve.
Mac Version Windows Version

3 Steps to Process iMac Photo Recovery

• Step 1: Launch the program & Choose one recovery mode
If your photos are deleted from SD card, memory card or USB drive, connect them to your Mac first. Then run Data Recovery on your Mac and it will show you several available recovery modes with instructions. You can read the detailed instructions of them to learn how they work.
Here, to recover deleted photos from iMac, you can try "Lost File Recovery" first.

• Step 2: Select Partition/Volume on Your iMac to Scan for Lost Photos
Now the program automatically scans all the partition/ volume of your iMac. Select the drive your photos are originally saved and click "Scan" on top to scan deleted photo files on the selected drive. Provided that your photos were lost because of formatting, you can select "enable deep scan" option.
Note: Please properly connect your external storage device with your iMac if you want to retrieve photos from it.

• Step 3: Preview pictures & Recover them on iMac
When scanning finished, you will see the window below. On the left is the folder tree.
To recover found photos, In the pop up window, choose a folder you want to save your photos and click "OK" to start photo recovery process.
After scanning, all the found data will be listed in the folder tree on the left in the windows just as shown below. Find your photos by drilling down folder and click the images to preview. If you want to recover the found picture after previewing them, check the box before the files and click the "Recover" button on top. Note that you can't save the found photos to its original drive in case the lost photos are erased permanently. If available, choose an external hard drive.

1. If you find that your data lose, stop using iMac and immediately use data recovery to recover them lest your data should be overwritten by new ones.
2. Take out your SD card or memory card as long as you deleted photos by mistake. This way, your photos won't be overwritten by new photos.

Mac Version Windows Version

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