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How to Recover Lost Data from Formatted Hard Drive

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Recovering data from hard drive means people to apply special technique or program and software to extract data from the hard drive when there is error occurs in the hard drive, hard drive damage because of improper operation or data lost because of virus. If you want to recover dada from formatted hard drive, I recommend you Data Recovery, it helps you to recover the lost data and rebuild the file system.
Data Recovery will not write anything to your original drive, it simply reconstructs FAT data in the memory and make sure they can be safely transferred to other drives. You can recover data from that hard drive having been damage by virus or formatted.
For Mac user, we have a special Data Recovery for Mac which is particularly developed for Mac system. If you have accidentally formatted your drive and you are searching for a solution to end up this headache, Data Recovery for Mac will be your trouble terminator. You can recover lost data, deleted files from a formatted drive. Follow the easy steps below and recover your important lost files.

Tutorial: How to Achieve Hard Drive Data Recovery?

Kindly remind: while downloading Data Recovery for Mac, please save it in another drive because you need to keep the partition which you restore the files from as it is now. without installing any new program and putting in any new files.
Download Data Recovery for Windows if you are running Windows system.
Mac Version Windows Version

• Step 1: Choose "Raw Recovery" mode
Launch data recovery for Mac and you will be leading to the first stage of selecting the right mode for recovering lost data. Click "Raw Recovery" for you can recover different kinds of files in this mode so that you don't need to worry what files you will miss.

• Step 2: Select the formatted Macintosh HD
Many storage media will be listed, choose the one you have formatted unexpectedly. Or you can click "Scan for all files" since it can perfectly find out more files.

If you are sure what exact files you want or you just want to recover part of the lost data, "Filter Options" gives you a path to fast search the files categories. Choose whatever files you need then hit "Scan".

• Step 3: Recover formatted files from Mac
Keep patient and wait for the scanning finish. Now you can preview and check which files you need to recover, or if you are not sure then just recover all then check again after recovery.

Knowledge about formatting Macintosh HD

In general, formatting means clearing all the data in the hard drive, generating boot information, initializing FAT and labeling logical defects table. Quick formatting is just to reset hard drive partition table. Full formatting is resetting all the sectors to zero after resetting the hard drive partition table. So we can see that when we apply formatting order it is similar to normal read-write operation. So in what case we need to format our hard drive?
1. To kill the stubborn virus that anti-virus software can't clear up.
2. Fix system error in operating system.
3. Restructure the damage file system
4. Data clean up.

Mac Version Windows Version

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