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Long iMessage Can be Read in Full Screen Mode in iOS 7

2013-10-30 11:38:19 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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iMessage has become a standard app since it first shows up in iOS 5. As long as both are iMessage users, they are free to send messages and MMS. Apple has also added some new elements in iMessage for iOS 7.
Some of your friends may make fun on you and send you an extra-long message you may not interested in, to complain he wanted to buy a corn but end up with a cucumber.

Then how could you view this extra-long iMessage?

There's a new function in iOS 7 allows you to view long message in iMessage. There's an arrow in the bottom of the long message, click the arrow and you will be able to read the whole message.

You can try to test with your friends and it does work. iOS 7 has more new hidden function to be experienced. So Apple fans just get themselves ready!

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