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PKGBackup: Backup and Restore of Your Jailbreak Data

2013-10-18 11:07:45 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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What is PkgBackup? What are the functions of PkgBackup?


PkgBackup is a powerful data recovery app.
1. You can set a time for bakup or backup when you open an app. The backup contents include folders, sources in Cydia, all configuration files and all app categories and hidden files in Cydia.
2.the default backup will be restored in l cal, otherwise you can use Dropbox or SugarSync to backup in iCloud.
3. Share your backup in Bonjour, Bump, Facebook, Twitter and of course email.

Install PkgBackup

Source link: repo.hackyouriphone.org in Cydia
Compatible devices: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPod touch 4, iPod touch 3, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad
Compatible systems: iOS 4.0.1 - 6.0.2

PkgBackup Settings:

2 parts for settings, the first part is in "Settings" - "PkgBackup". Here you can choose what data to scan for backup when you run PkgBackup.

In what cases pop up alert:

Other settings like "Enable bibration", "iCal integration" etc.

Another part of setting is in PkgBackup, here you can select where to store your backup like in contact or in cloud storages (SkyDrive/DropBox etc).

How to Use PkgBackup

You will see a new icon on desktop after finish installing PkgBackup. To proceed the basic backup and recovery process by dabbing the icon, or share by clicking upper right "share" button.
The main functions of PkgBackup is backup, recovery and share. Let's see one by one.

PkgBackup backup

Run PkgBackup and you will see the default backup interface:

For most users you don't need to change the default setting, start backing up simply by clicking the "Backup".  For those who are familiar with the program, you can choose whichever section to backup by selecting jailbreak plug-ins and apps in sections.

Other settings are similar. After finish settings, click "Backup". A pop-up window will request you to enter the encryption key. Leave it blank if you don't need a password.

When backup complete, the backup file will be restored in the location where you've set. If you choose to store backup file in the local contacts, you can sync and transfer the data to your PC via iTunes.

There will be a new contact in your contact list like the blue "BackUp_Pkg" UDID.

Till here the backup process is finished. We suggest you to sync contact to your PC via iTunes for emergency.

PkgBackup recovery

If you haven't updated the iOS system then it can be restored directly. If updated then you need to transfer the backup from your PC to your device then recover.
Launch PkgBackup, click "View Restore", switch to recovery surface. It's similar like when you backup, the same you can view backup and choose what plug-ins and configurations you need and start recovery.

You need to confirm whether to restore or not.

Then begin recovery. You can cancel the process if you want.

You can view log after recovery. It's better just "Reboot" and your device will be the same as before backup.

PkgBackup share

The amazing function of PkgBackup is that it allows you to share backup data in many ways.

You can share "list of packages" and people can see the Cydia sources, plug-ins and other configurations that you installed.
Or you can directly share backup. Whoever receive the backup data could restore from it.

Note: PkgBackup is a powerful multi-functional backup recovery tool. It's a good program for the ordinary users to recover Cydia sources and plug-ins from backup. It's compatible with the popilar apps iLex Rat and SemiRestore. Here I would like to remind Apple fans that SemiRestore may lead to frequent reboot so we recommend iLex Rat.

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