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Pattern Unlock: The Android Inspired Security for iOS

2013-11-05 10:55:21 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Pattern Unlock is not the only one tweak that gives you the ability to draw patterns to unlock your iOS device. As we all know, Cydia store is full of jailbreak tweaks giving you Android inspired security for iOS, such as Android Lock XT and Jelly Lock. Pattern Unlock, I think, should be recognized as the best Android inspired security.

Name: Pattern Unlock
Repo: Big Boss
Download: "Cydia" > "BattSaver"
Price: $1.99
Requirements: iOS 6.0+

So why do people choose Pattern Unlock?

The tweak has full function and good stability without BUG. It plays nice with stock iOS instead of making it feel obtuse and disjointed. Pattern Unlock contains 5 built-in themes and customization options. It's backward-compatible with iOS original passcode. Besides, the process of setting patterns is hidden so that others cannot see your unlocking path.

Pattern Unlock Setting

Go to "Setting" > "Pattern Unlock" and you'll see the following options.
「Turn Pattern Unlock Off」turn on/off Pattern Unlock.
「Change Pattern」to create patterns (If you have set a pattern before, you need to input the old pattern once and input the new one twice.)
「Require Pattern」to determine how soon the pattern works after locking.
「Immediately」means the pattern is in effect immediately after setting.
「Themes」to choose 1 of 5 built-in different themes
「Haptic Feedback」to configure how the device will vibrate when you use Pattern Unlock
「Option Bar」to display more optional button
「Emergency Call」to display the emergency button when "Option Bar" is on.

Pattern Unlock Advanced Function

• Hidden gesture
If you want to hide the process of setting your pattern, tap "Invisible" in "Customize Selected Theme" in the preference pane.
• Use Traditional Passcode
Lock the traditional passcode and slide "Option Bar" to "On". On the Lock screen, Pattern Unlock includes a button in the upper-right hand corner that allows you to switch to traditional passcode mode. (This operation ensures you can use your device normally in case you forget your unlocking pattern.)

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