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New iPad Mini is Priced Roughly $250? Really?

2013-07-12 09:44:46 / Posted by to How to iPad
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Apple will launch a low-budget iPad mini available for less than $ 250 according to a report. As was predicted early, the low-budget iPad mini cost roughly $ 100 less than the first version of iPad mini on sale. By keeping the cost low, Apple can afford to produce another iPad mini with better configuration. The survey also showed that the support chain of Apple set about making cheaper products.
According to the commercial letters, Glen Yeung, from Citigroup Inc., indicated that Citigroup Asia-Pacific tech group had conducted researches and found that the whole supply chain is inclined to support iPhone 4/4S. Moreover, Apple was rumored to release the low-budget iPhone in September. So Citi judged it's much likely for Apple to launch iPad mini set less than $250.
But there was rumor that iPad mini would be equipped with Retina screen. Without any doubt, the cost will be added and price will remain above $329 as before. Seeing is believing. If Citi is right, we will see low-budget iPhone and iPad mini.
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