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New Generation OS X Appears - Mavericks

2013-08-02 14:36:01 / Posted by
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According to Phoenix Tech News on 11th June, the new generation OS X 10.9, code Mavericks has officially released and will be coming to the market in this fall.
According to the running commentary, OS X Mavericks has strengthened the Finder function as well as improved the experience of multi-screen and longer battery lifespan.
Finder Tabs: In the new system Finder Tabs supports multi-window operation, users can drag 2 windows together under a Tab or play in one full screen.

Tagging: in Mavericks,users can put tagging for easier search.

Multi-screen display: Many users can perform multi-screen display operation in the new system. It also supports users for other work. Every single screen has its own menu bar and user are free to perform other operations. Besides, you can connect the screen to the HDTV and use it as a display.

Hardware management: Mavericks has brought user the new memory and CPU management function. It can suspend the unused app to the dormant state, at the same time reduce the loss of memory and CPU and make room for the program that needs space. A maximum 72% CPU utilization could be compressed and battery life will be extended.
Optimization of CPU and memory management

Safari update: In the new system, Safari takes up less memory usage than other browsers and more websites could be opened in the same times. Meanwhile, the power consumption of Safari is rather low, when user is applying other apps it could be even lower.


Mail: In Mavericks, the email browsing speed will be smoother and faster which highly improves user's working efficiency.
More fluent in mail operating

iCloud Keychain: Users need to provide password when surfing websites. It would be safer for online shopping. Of course the browser supports also auto-fill password.

Notification Center: New improvement have been made for the notification center. There will be a notice pop-out when someone is sending you a video call. Also user can customize the pop-outs.

Calendar: Except for the general information, user can add weather, timetable and even transport info to the calendar.


Apple Maps: In Mavericks, Apple adopts cloud computing service. After user finishes setting navigation, he can also share the route to iPhone to help facilitates operation in different devices.
Apple maps could send route to iPhone

iBooks: User is able to adjust fonts and sizes and also can search relevant information. The videos contain in the iBook could be dragged so users experience better overall interactivity.


Apple has released many new tech in the WWDC on 11th June, but most of them seem not to be that "new" and some people even think that Apple is now copying Samsung and Window Phone. We will wait till autumn and see what new adventure Apple will really bring for us.

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