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iTunes Won't Recognize iPhone in Recovery Mode

2013-05-23 11:46:12 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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If you find that iTunes does not recognize iPhone in recovery mode, what measures will you take to solve it? Here, I will take you through the right method to deal with this problem.

Occasionally, iTunes can't detect iPhone in the recovery mode. It is likely to happen when your iPhones is updating or recovering. In most cases, when putting your iPhone into recovery mode, iTunes would show the "connected" icon meaning that the recovery mode has been detected. If iTunes can't detect the device in the recovery mode, check in the "Device Manager" whether there is one or more entries named "Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode)". If there exits such entries, do as follows:
1. Open the "Device Manager" on the control panel of your computer and connect to your iPhone.

2. Click "View" in the menu bar and choose "Ordering Equipment According to the Connection". You should expand every part of "Device Manager" to search for the defect entry "Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode)"whose main entry is called "USB Composite Device".

3. Right click the total entry "USB Composite Device" and choose "Update Driver Software" in the shortcuts menu.

4. Click "Browse Computer to Find the Driver Software" And Select "Choose from List of Computer Device Drivers Programmer".

5. Click "Install from disk" button and click "Browse" button in the right corner in the dialog box.

6. Navigate the present window to the folder: "C: Program/Files Common/Files Apple Mobile Device/Support Drivers".
Note: If you use a 64-bit version of windows, the path is "C: Program/Files (x86) Common/Files Apple Mobile Device/Support Drivers".

7. Double click "usbaapl.inf" listed in the folder. (The folder is named "usbaapl64.inf"in the 64-bit version of windows)

8. Click "Ok" in the dialog box of "install from disk".

9. Click "Next" to complete the installation steps. Turn on iTunes to check if it can be recognized, and then continue to restore the device.

iPhone can't be recognized by iTunes? The method doesn't work on the entire iOS device. After the installation of the driver, some PC models fail to start off the hardware and show the error code 10. This problem can't be solve by using the method above.
In this case, you should delete directly the device with a yellow exclamation, reboot your computer and reconnect your iPhone in the recovery mod. If iTunes can recognize your iPhone, you can start to restore the update directly.

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