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iPhone Mini Concept Design: Carrying iOS 7

2013-07-04 10:55:37 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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The question "What iPhone mini will be" has sparked a heated discussion and numerous speculations. Now Martin Hajek, a designer from Holland came with his new conceptual design drawing. As the early rumors said, iPhone mini will be equipped with 4-inch touch screen, iOS 7 and a variety of colors for choices.


Hexagon Camera
In Martin Hajek's conceptual drawing, the obverse side of iPhone mini is designed the same as that of iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen. The difference is that iPhone mini will adopt brand new plastic phone shell together with diverse bright colors such as black, white, red, etc.
The eye-catching part of his design is the unique camera on the reverse side of iPhone mini which will adopt the shape of Hexagon. But Hajek has not explain why he adopt the hexagon camera.

iOS 7
Though the design is just in the concept, iPhone mini will carry iOS 7 confirming the early rumors. As the first masterpiece for Jonathan, the manager of Apple's design department since he took over HI department, many insiders have speculated about what iOS will be and whether to adopt the flat Apps icon design. Seeing Hajek's conceptual design, the flat Apps icon design is adopting which gives us a special look and feel.
The information shows that iOS 7 contains more powerful network performance and independent operational function. What's more, Siri will become more intelligent providing iCloud files preview, central database and multiple task tray, and many other functions.

Selling Price: $ 350
Though iPhone mini is called "low-budge" iPhone, it does not mean that iPhone mini is a low-end product. According to the information, iPhone mini will include a bigger battery(1600 Am/h) and the configuration such as display screen, processor, camera,etc. remains high quality just like iPhone 5.
Therefore, some analysts called iPhone mini "newly-designed iPhone 5". Actually, the selling price is not such low as we expected before. The unlocked device will be priced between $350 to $400, equally to 2154 to 2462 RMB yuan.
However, the renounce time of iPhone mini remains unknown. There is a prevailing conjecture that the release time will be delayed until September.

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