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iPhone 6 is Coming: 4.7-inch Screen & Megapixel Camera

2013-07-11 09:47:41 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Don't think iPhone 6 is out of reach. iPhone 6 is ready! Recently, some relative source have provided the public with the blueprint of iPhone 6 featuring special metal shell, more rounded edges, +4.7-inch retina screen and megapixel camera. The release time is predicted to be the 3rd season of 2014.

4.7-inch Screen

While the iPhone 5S is only expected to be a small update, Apple fans hope that next generation's iPhone 6 will take much breakthrough. And from the information, iPhone 6 will use special metal shell and make the edge more rounded to convey a sense of ease.
It's interesting that although Mr. Cook does not show much enthusiasm on large-screen smartphone, the imminent iPhone 6 characterizes in +4.7-inch retina screen. The total length remains the same as iPhone 5, while the width of iPhone 6 is increased so as to contain larger touch screen without enlarging the total volume.

Megapixel Camera

Another important feature of iPhone 6 is that the camera revolution will be updated to megapixel, which indicates the camera of the imminent iPhone 5S change a little, with 8 million resolution, updated flashlight and photographed function. Despite some incredible information about iPhone 6, the design of iPhone's camera was confirmed by a netizen called Palm who has ever exposed the information about low-budget iPhone.

Liquid Metal Shell

It's worth mentioning that iPhone 6 was rumored to be adopted special metal shell. So what kind of metal shell? A heated discussion has been aroused about this. Many people speculated the so-called special metal shell refers to the liquid metal shell.
Further evidence is provided. According to the former report, Apple's official website planned to recruit a mechanical technical engineer and the technological process Apple listed was related to the liquid metal. Moreover, Apple signed a two-year license agreement with Liquidmetal intellectual last year. Therefore, as the media predicted, it's much likely for Apple to continually use liquid metal for its device in the next two years.

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