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iPad Stuck on The Apple Logo Screen

2013-11-14 14:05:13 / Posted by to How to iPad
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There are many reasons for iPad gets stuck on the Apple logo screen. It's quite disappointing when we couldn't use our iPad as usual. Then how to quickly get rid of this system crash situation? Here, we will discuss how to deal with this in regard of various circumstances.

How to Fix iPad Stuck on The Apple Logo Screen ?

-> It is possible that your iPad won't be able to startup due to battery got drained. Try charging your iPad for about 40-50 minutes and see if you can start now.

-> If the above method doesn't work then try to connect your iPad with computer. Run iTunes and get your iPad booted when you pug in. Remove and see if you can use the iPad now.

-> Still no? Then you should try to reset your iPad. Hold the Power and Home button at the same time for about 5-9 seconds. Release both buttons when you see the logo. Check if it works now.

-> There is one more thing which you can try out if none of the above is able to restore your iPad to default. Connect your iPad to the computer with iTunes and right-click the iPad device, select "Restore" to reset your iPad.
Note: Make sure you keep a backup before you do the restoration: right click the device and select "Backup".

-> If you think all the methods above are troublesome and want to get the problem settled in an easier way, you can try iPad Data Recovery.
All you need is to install the program on your computer and follow the instruction of every interface shows you.
After connecting your iPad with computer, Windows user will see the below image:

You will see another image if you use iPad Data Recovery:

Click "Restart" or "Set Up" to get your iPad back to normal mode. Wait patiently till your iPad gets rid of the Apple logo screen. Now your problem should be settled. If you want to recover lost data from your iPad, both iPad Data Recovery and iPad Data Recovery (Mac) come along with this function.
Well, that’s all to fix iPad stuck on Apple screen. it's easy, isn't it? Download the trial to try.
Windows Version Mac Version

Get more info from here: How to Recover Lost Data on iPad.

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