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In What Cases Find My iPhone Doesn't Work?

2013-07-08 16:03:08 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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We all know there is an appreciating function in iPhones device called Find My iPhone. It can help to track the location, lock the device or clear all the data for protecting privacy if your iPhone is stolen or lost. But sorry to tell you Find My iPhone is not working all the time. iLounge has tallied up some conditions when Find My iPhone fails to work.

When Find My iPhone is off

The iPhone holder can easily access to your iPhone and off Find My iPhone if you haven't set passcode.

iOS Is Disconnected to Network

iOS device will tell iCloud its current location and receive orders from iCloud via network.
Since there is no cellular data network in iPad Wi-Fi or iPod Touch, so only when the iPhone holder comes close to the Wi-Fi network areas you have accessed before, or when he connects his home Wi-Fi then you can track the location. Find My iPhone also won't work even in iPhone and 3G iPad if he removes your SIM card.
Many iPhone users will feel in a dilemma -to report loss or not when they lose their iPhone. If yes, it means that your device could not connect to Wi-Fi and you are not able to locate your iPhone via Find My iPhone. If no, the thief may make phone calls or payments with your iPhone till the balance finish or even worse- in arrears.
So the best way is to set passcode. Even though you may think it troublesome to entre passcode whenever you use your phone, or thieves could easily restore your device to factory defaults. But at least it is a protective measure.
Finally if you are sure you want to close down your SIM, it is better to lock your iPhone to remind your iPhone holder via iCloud lost mode before shutting it down. If your iPhone is stolen, you can safeguard your privacy by selecting Erase iPhone.

iOS is Erased or Restored to Factory Defaults

If this really happens then I am sorry to tell you that give up.
Since Find My iPhone is a software rather than being integrated in the system hardware. So if once it is cleared and reset to factory defaults, then it has nothing to do with the previous iCloud and will be same like any other iPhone.
It is suggested if you have set passcode because at least the thief cannot reset to factory defaults before he reaches a computer. Yet he can still force to shut down and disable Find My iPhone.
You have to be clear, the main purpose of Find My iPhone is to protect your data but not your device. Setting passcode ensures that you will have enough time to safeguard your data since he needs some time to access to your data. However, it is still a piece of cake for a skilled thief
So, Lost Mode or Erase iPhone, it is up to you.

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