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iFunBox: Manage App & File for iPhone, iPad and iPod

2013-09-25 12:05:40 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Apple products are famous all around the world for its user-friendly and excellent quality. Apple fans usually use iTunes to manage their files in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Sometimes it's not convenient for us because iTuens doesn't allow you to move files back to it. So you have to make a jail break. Luckily, we'd love to recommend a useful program called iFunBox to help you.
iFunBox is designed for managing iOS files on computer or Mac. With it, you can easily export or import music, videos, photos and ring tones. You are allowed to download apps from it. So powerful, isn't it?
Follow steps below. Let's separate it into two parts, one for app, the other for files.

Tips: iFunBox only enables you to transfer all music or pictures file in your iDevices, which means that you can't simply copy some pieces of music. So if you just would like to backup selective songs and photos, you can use MobileGo for iOS which also allows you to move files between iDevices and computer in two-way transmission. If MobileGo for iOS suits you, you can download the trail version from here to try.
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Part 1: How to Manage App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Have you ever made a jailbreak or are bored with iTunes to download apps? It's ok. You can download installous from cydia and then use iFunBox to drag apps to installous. After that, install the app by installous in your phone.
• Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your computer or Mac
Connect your iPhone with computer via a USB. The apps will detect your phone automatically and then display the window like this. As you can see, there are five small columns, iFunBox Classic, managing App Data, Quick Toolbox, Find More App.

• Step 2: Managing App Data
Click "Managing App Data". You can see all your apps are shown on this window, including your favorites, iTunes file Sharing. Double click one of them and you'll see its inner file structure. If you don't need some apps anymore, you can delete them from here.

If you want to install more apps from iFunBox, click the button "Find More Apps". There are lots of contents including eBooks, games and others.

Part 2: How to Backup Files for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

As a powerful app, iFunBox can export or import files from iDevices to computer or Mac with ease, including music, videos and photos and so on.
• Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your computer or Mac and launch the apps

• Step 2: Managing files
In the original windows, click "Quick Toolbox". Now we will show you how to export music to computer. Click Export Files and Data > iPod Music. Locate a folder to save your songs.

You can browse music files by clicking here:

Or you can open the file to select your songs and then drag them directly.

Well done! It's so convenient for you to manage apps and files for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iFunBox. Besides that, if there's no more space to save apps in your computer, iFunBox can be your USB to restore apps.

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