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How to Use the iPad as a Digital Picture Frame

2013-05-09 15:50:21 / Posted by to How to iPad
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One fantastic feature of the iPad is its ability to serve as a digital picture frame. When it is in the locked state, it can display your favorite photos once set in the picture frame mode. Due to the large, vibrant and high-definition screen of the iPad, this function will turn the iPad into one of the most gorgeous digital picture frames. You'll enjoy it wherever in home or in your office as you put the iPad on your desk. Here we'll show you how it works which is only suitable for iPad.
iPad Picture Frame Settings:
To configure your Picture Frame settings, go to "Settings" > "Picture Frame" as shown below, then set the following options:

1. You can set the transition displayed between photos: "Dissolve" or "Origami" as shown below, but the duration of the slideshow can't be changed.

2. Tap "Show Each Photo For" button to specify how long each photo lasts in the displaying.

3. Click "Shuffle" option so you can also set whether the picture frames will display photos randomly or not.

4. By using the face identification information in photos provided by iPhoto or Aperture, Picture Frame can Zoom in on Faces and randomly select one of the faces as the center of focus. This option is only available when you use Dissolve transitions.

5. Digital picture frame can display All Photos in the iPad, or just those in some specific Albums according to your likes, including the photo stream saved in iCloud. You can make other settings with your preferences such as the slideshow title page and its likes. The process is similar to that of Photos app. Before syncing photos, you can create a new picture frame album in iPhoto or directly in the latest version of the Photos app on you iPad.

How to Start or Stop the Picture Frame

Once you have made all the settings for your iPad's picture frame, now it is time to make your iPad sever as a digital picture frame.
1. Only when the iPad is locked that the picture frame function can be used. Press the home button and the lock screen will appear as shown below. Instead of activating the "slide to unlock" slider, tap the flower icon on the right side to activate the digital picture frame.


2. Tap anywhere on the screen to pause the slideshow as you want to. If you want to stop it, tap the flower icon again on the right side, or directly turn off the iPad.

Photos and Music

When in the picture frame mode, music can not be controlled directly. You can begin playing a selection from the Music app firstly, and then open the Picture Frame as described above.


If you want to restrict others from engaging your Picture Frame photos, you can have Passcode Lock to make it. Go to "Settings" > "General", and then go into the Passcode Lock settings. There, you will see the Picture Frame master switch.


Now, you can be freely choosing your lovely pictures to show off on your iPad. If you like, it's appreciated to display photos with some relaxing music. So, enjoy your special digital picture frame right now.

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