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How to Use iPhone to Take High-contrast Picture

2013-07-10 13:25:25 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Apple fans are of full enthusiasm about probing new features of camera of iPhone. There is an array of "high-contrast" photos shot by an iPhone 5 fan; along with the shooting techniques you can have a look.


When you are in the scene where the degree of difference between black and white approaches the maximum, it's hard to get correctly exposed picture even with photosensitive elements. That is the so-called "high contrast". The picture is either over-exposed or under-exposed in the high-contrast scenes. If you use single-lens reflex camera, you can use a black card to block the light.


But for iPhone, it's impossible to manually regular the shutter speed and diaphragm, let alone to use a card to shade. But how can these pictures be taken?


The secret is magical software called "HDR" which can simultaneously take two pictures (the darkest and the brightest) with different exposure condition once you press the shutter button. And it can spontaneously combine these two pictures together. You should notice that the interval time of taking these two pictures is roughly 0.5 second, so remember not to shake your iPhone when taking photos.


The techniques of composition and view finding are important no matter what kind of camera you use.



In addition, the following three photos used the technique called "Slow Shutter" to create the grand and dreamlike scene of sea weaves beating sides.


Contrast with HDR, Slow Shutter can accumulation objects in the scene and record traces of light movements, so that you can freely regular the length of the trace and the brightness of the photos. But you should make sure your hands still when shooting photos, otherwise the photo would become blurring.


To some extent, it's much more convenient to use iPhone to take photos than to use single-lens reflex camera which is too heavy to carry. It's really fantastic and creative to use iPhone to make "high-contrast" photos. It's worth having a try! Just do it!

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