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How to Use Facetime in iPhone 5

2013-06-18 19:02:16 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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1. Activate Facetime
a) After you connect iPhone 5 with iTunes, your device will automatically send registration information to Apple server. After Apple server has successfully received the registration message, verified and registered, you will receive a message in your mobile phone, telling you that you has successfully registered. After all those process Facetime has been activated and you will be able to use facetime now.
b) If you fail to register, you can manual activate Facetime in iPhones 5. Go to "Settings"-"Phone" and turn Facetime on. Now iPhone 5 will resend registration information. After registered Facetime will be activated and now you can video call.


c) If you upgrade iphone5 with iTunes but choose backup in iphone3 GS without wifi, then you won't be able to manually set Facetime in iPhone 5. Go to "Settings"-"General"-"Reset"-"Reset All Settings"(the wallpaper may become the original iPhone 4 setting but the content will remain). Then again go to "Settings"-"Phone"and turn Facetime on. Activate Facetime according to step b).
d) If you upgrade iPhone5 with iTunes and select backup in iPhone 3 GS with wifi, then there won't be a Facetime switch in iPhone 5's "Phone" menu. Connect iPhone 5 with iTunes and click iPhone device on the left side of iTunes, click "Restore" on the right and upgrade iPhone 5 to the latest version. Now Facetime has been activated.

2. Apply Facetime
When you have voice call from one iPhone 5 to another iPhone 5, there will be a grey "Facetime" button. After the called party answered the phone, the Facetime would be lighted and the calling subscriber can require video call. The called subscriber can either accept or refuse. If the called subscriber accepts video call then both parties will be connected by Factime for video call. The voice call will be disconnected at Facetime starts. No more fees will be charged.



3. Requirements for Facetime video call in iPhone 5:
a) Both parties should be iPhone 5 users.
b) Both parties should have been registered Facetime in Apple server.
c) Both parties should have cellular signals and can answer and call.
d) Both parties should connect to WiFi successfully.

4. The charging fee for sending message to register Facetime
iPhone5 user will have to register and activate Facetime first before they use Facetime. To do so you will have to send international registration message(+447786205094)to Apple server. Now the message is free of charge for the China Unicom users(2G/3G).

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