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How to Transfer Music to iPhone Using iTunes

2013-05-13 15:20:20 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Many Apple fans listen to music on iPhones. But there are still lots of users having no idea on using it. Now here I will tell you how to use iTunes to transfer music to iPhone by showing a series of screenshots.
Step 1: When iTunes connects to your iPhone successfully, click “Music” in the top left iTunes window pane. Then you can see the music of your computer imported into iTunes library in the right iTunes window pane.

• Step 2: Click "File" in the iTunes menu bar and you would see two options: "Add file to library" and "Add folder to library" in the drop-down list.
1) "Add file to library" means that you can import one or more music files into iTunes.
2) "Add folder to library" means that you can import the whole file containing several music files to iTunes.

• Step 3: Click "Add folder to library" (or "Add files to library"), choose a folder (or a file) in the pop-up window of "Browse folder" and click "Ok". Then iTunes will automatically add all the music files (or single music file) to your iTunes music library.

• Step 4: After adding music files, the next step is to choose "iPhone" under the left device bar and click "Music" in the right window pane. Click "Sync Music" button beneath it. iTunes syncs all the music files you have added to your iPhone.

iTunes syncs music to iPhone at a rapid speed. After syncing, click "iPod" button on your iPhone and the selections from your iTunes library is presented.
The methods to transfer "Movies" and “Photos” are the same as transferring music: add files to iTunes library and sync. There is one thing needed to be considered, that is the form of movies should be MP4 supported by iPhone.

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