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How to Sync iPhone with Multiple iTunes Libraries

2013-05-20 16:45:26 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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The function of iPhones'sync can hardly serve for users'needs to connect the iOS devices to multiple iTunes libraries. So not surprisingly, you may get annoyed by the system message warning you about your defraud operation when you try toswitch iOS device from your initial iTunes library to another one. Now this problem can be solved easily by following the steps blow.

The Method to Sync iPhone with iTunes

(1) Turn on your first computer which you have synced your iPhone with.
(2) Quit the iTunes.
(3) Find out the file of iTunes Music Library.xml. You can find it from the directory of iTunes of My Music of My Document. If you cannot find it, use the function of searching.
Paths of Window 7: My Document > My Music > iTunes
Paths of Window XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Your user name\My Documents\Music\iTunes

(4) Right click on iPhone, use Notebook to open the file and find the string of "Library Persistent ID". There is a group of letters and numbers beneath it. Copy the string(shortened for ID), then send it to another computer that you need to sync with.
(5) Now it's time to turn on another computer.
(6) Similarly, go to iTunes Music Library.xml, open it by using Notebook, find the string of "Library Persistent ID", then copy the ID and save it into Note-book. Thenreplace this string with the first computer's ID. Save the file named xml.
(7) Download the formula called HexEdit.

(8) Use HexEdit to open iTunes.exe which lies where you install your iTunes. Right click on the icon of iTunes and select the location of the file. The address appear in the bar is the location.
(9) Search for the ID you just save in Notebook by using HexEdit and replace it with the first computer’s ID.
(10) With the data saved by HexEdit, your iOS device can successfully sync with these two computers without any alert.

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