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How to Send Multiple Photos Via iMessage

2013-05-14 21:50:10 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Normally we can only send single photo by iMessage. So do we need to repeat the same stupid process if we want to send more than one photo? If not, how can we send batch photos via iMessage? Here is a tip for you.
1. Launch Photos.
2. Tap Edit.
3. Select Photos you want to send.
4. Tap Share on top left corner and choose either Message or Copy.

5. If you select Message then you now only need to choose or enter contacts.

6. If you choose Copy then launch iMessage. Tab the space till you see the Paste.

7. Paste and enter contacts then send.

To check if your message has been delivered, on the bottom part of the photos in your message, you will see 'Delivered'. Back in Inbox, you will see the number of images that you’ve sent, under the receiver's name.
In addition to sending photos, iMessage also supports sending text messages, videos, Web links, contacts and location information.

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