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How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone

2014-09-27 13:23:14 / Updated by to How to iPhone
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Now, the method of recovering deleted data has become a heated topic among iPhone users. A large number of iPhone users are confusing in how to get their lost notes back to their iPhone. Will you be despaired when you lose all your iPhone notes by accident? How do you get them back from your iPhone? Thanks to the advanced science and technology, people nowadays can recover their deleted notes by using iPhone Data Recovery software.

iPhone Data Recovery helps you retrieve the whole deleted file to preview and get back on your iPhone, no matter which generation of iPhone you are using, iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5c, even your iPhone is damaged or broken.

Download the trial version below to recover your lost notes from iPhone. Try it right now!

Windows Version Mac Version

How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone

• Step 1: Select the Recovery Mode
Download iPhone Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to computer. Then the image of software will change into showing the outline of iPhone. And a green "Start Scan" button is located on right lower corner. But before clicking it, you need to choose the recovery mode of "Recover from iOS Device".
Three Recovery Mode for iPhone Notes

• Step 2: Choose Deleted Notes from iPhone
The scan result will be listed on the left column. Check the "Notes" files and select the notes you need to be recovered on the list. If you have too many note files, then use "Search" box on the top right part is also a good choice.
Check the Deleted Note Files from iPhone

• Step 3: Recover the Notes and Save Them on Computer
After checking the notes, go hitting "Recover" button directly. You need to choose a storage path to save the recovered notes on computer. And then with a few minutes, you are supported to confirm the note files on computer.
Preview Notes and Recover Them

Note: Data found here includes deleted data and those still on your iPhone. If you only want back your deleted ones, you can refine the scan result by using the slide button at bottom to only display deleted items.

How to Undo in the Note Application on the iPhone

The "Notes" application gives you a quick place to jot down lists and reminders. With the small keyboard of the iPhone, it is easy to accidentally add or delete text to a note in the application. Before you panic or begin retyping everything, use your iPhone's "Undo Typing" feature to fix your mistake. With a simple shake of your wrist, you can recover your information.

iPhone Data Recovery is a useful app that you no longer need to worry about how to retrieve your lost data back. It can help you get back your photos, videos, contacts, etc. with just several steps. Don't hesitate any more. Download one and try it by yourself. You will appreciate for what it helps you.

Windows Version Mac Version

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