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How to Make iPhone Ringtones for Free

2013-02-22 23:20:21 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Lots of Apple iPhone users may complain about that they're sick of their plain old telephone ringer but don't want to download a canned tone. Is there any way to turn our favorite song into a ringtone for iPhone without spend extra money? Actually, with a little bit of trickery (nothing illegal), you can create ringtones from any one of your non-DRM songs in your iTunes library easily and for free.
Follow below how-to guide to help you create your own free ringtones for both Mac and Windows users.

Easy Guide: How to make free ringtones for your iPhone?

Please Note: Things you'll need before beginning:
1) Updated for iTunes 11
2) Mac or Windows computer
3) Non-DRM song(use a song that was imported from a CD)
Step 1: Open iTunes and select your favourite MP3 audio file
Listen to the song and find the part of it you want to use. The chorus may be a good place to start.

Step 2: Select the General tab
Select Music in the left iTunes sidebar and find a song you want to make into a ringtone, right-click on the song name and select "Get Info".


Step 3: Select the Options tab at the top
Check the boxes next to both Start Time and Stop Time and enter the times you want your new ringtone to start and stop (the maximum length is 40 seconds) then click OK.
This will return you to your music library.


Step 4: Create AAC Version
Right-click on the same music file again, and select "Create AAC version" to create a new version of the song within the 40 second interval you specified.
Right-click on the newly created file and select "Show in Windows Explorer (or Finder on a Mac)"

Step 5: Rename the file extension from ".m4a" to ".m4r"
Select the file and rename it, changing the file extension from ".m4a" to ".m4r". Windows will warn you that this change may make the file unstable, but continue anyway.
Note: If there are symbols such as underscores or hyphens in the name, you must remove them.

Step 6: Remove the file from your iTunes library(important)
Back in iTunes, delete the ringtone file you've created from your library, if you don’t do this, iTunes might not accept the new ringtone.

Step 7: Drag and drop the renamed ".m4r" file into iTunes
Import the renamed ".m4r" file into your library, the file will now be added back into iTunes as a ringtone.

Step 8: Sync the ringtone to your iPhone
Connect your iPhone and sync your playlist. You may have to manually drag the ".m4r" file into the Ringtones section on your iPhone. With your iPhone synced this file is now ready to be used as a ringtone, go to Settings on your iPhone>tap Sounds, and you can change to your new ringtone.

Tips & Warnings

Problem: You get a scary message "All existing songs, movies and TV shows on the iPhone will be removed"
You likely received this message because you've never synced your iPhone with iTunes before and therefore don't have a back-up of your iPhone data.
• Right click on your iPhone in the left sidebar and select "Back Up";
• Use the third-part software to backup your iPhone files to computer, so you can copy your favourite iPhone data on your computer.

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