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How to Fix iPhone White Screen

2013-07-09 16:44:22 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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What is White Screen iPhone?

White screen is when you try to use iPhone or iPad, the device screen remains as the image above. iPhone and iPad fail to access the system.
There are a variety of reasons account for white screen. Basically it is because of process or installation disorder of some written files which cause conflict between softwares or softwares and system. Pure APP won't result in white screen, PXL may be the reason but depends on what syntax it has been written-in. Installer especially writing system is the main reason for white screen and some even irreversible.
We strongly suggest new iPhone users sync iPhone with iTunes or install ipa format softwares with Installous. This type of software normally won't cause white screen.
1. Restart the iPhone
Restart the iPhone is possibly be the first attempt for any iPhone troubleshooting process. Try to restart your iPhone see if it works.

2. Restore firmware, you may lose all the current data.
a) Upgrade iPhone with iTunes.
b) Degrade iOS system with TinyUmbrella

3. Other solutions:
Launch WinSCP or ibrickr, open /System/Library/LaunchDaemons file, download com.apple.SpringBoard.plist to your PC local then open in WordPad (don't open in notepad otherwise will cause messy code). Or double click com.apple.SpringBoard.plist in WinSCP, find out the last software installed which cause white screen.
Eg: iSMS, delete /Applications/iSMS.app/iSMSHook114.dylib, save and exit. Some people may confused about the function of ":".
We need to delete till the last field after ":" not front since it is for division. Run PUTTY and input reboot(restart).

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