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How to Delete Photos and Albums Synced by iTunes

2013-06-04 17:30:21 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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iTunes is the most frequently-used software for managing iOS devices. Some techniques help you better manage your devices. Here we are going to teach you how to delete photos and albums synced by iTunes.
We all know that synced albums and photos in your iOS devices couldn't be removed if we don't install plug-ins. Even though we can use the recent plug-in iMage Synced Remover to remove the photos but the albums are still there. So finally we still need to solve this problem with iTunes.
How to sync photos? Connect your device with iTunes, click the icon of your device and find "Photos". Then you can choose which folders you want to sync.


After syncing you will see the chosen folders in your device. In your next synchronization, if you forget to click the folders that already exist in your device, they will disappear. In short, iTunes will sync whatever you click to your device. if you didn't choose the photos or albums already on your device, they will disappear. If you want to sync multiple albums, please put them into the same folder.
If you don't click "Sync Photos" the following dialog box will pop out:


If you click "Remove Photos", all the photos and albums synced with iTunes will be removed. If you want to keep then click "Keep Photos".

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