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How to check the battery state of your iOS device

2013-05-05 19:07:34 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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I believe that whoever use iOS device will feel headache about its lifespan. Some charge every day, some charge trice per day, the others charge whenever they could. So is it your battery still in gear? How do u compare with others?

According to the Apple official saying, iPhone battery is able to sustain 8 hours talk time, 8 hours continuous internet surfing via 3G, 10 hours via WiFi,10 hours for video playback and about 40 hours for audio playback. And Apple also claims that iPhone battery works around 225 hours, approximately 10 days in standby mode. But what about yours? Could it last that long time?
Actually you can check how long the battery can afford in your iOS device.
While your iPhone shows battery low(1%~5%), go to Settings-General-Usage, then you will see "time since last full charge" in the bottom.

Normally if your iPhone shows battery left about 2% and you see display in "Usage" is more than 22 hours, then Congrats! Your battery state is excellent. However, if it presents only few hours then you will have to consider whether there is anything wrong with the battery or need to modify some settings.

Don’t worry even if your iPhone battery shows only could sustain few hours. You can try the following steps:
1. You may already heard that location service is quite power consumed. Check if there is any App has been running long time with locating. Shut down and test again. This can be called correction.
2. Discharge your iPhone till around 2% and then full charge, again discharge to 2%. Generally it works on those devices used for relative long time.
3. Try to back up and restore. It sometimes work for some uncontrollable setting problems.
4. The last choice will be contacting Apple Store and ask help from the customer service.
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