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How to block iMessage and Spam

2013-06-24 17:59:26 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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Some time ago, reports said that many famous iOS developers were facing iMessage DoS attack. However, until now there is no any official solution release from Apple. As iPhone is one of the prevailing smartphones, there is a huge chance that iMessage may be used as an marketing trick like other spam or junk SMS. So how can we block those annoying messages? It seems there is no any practical approach to completely block the unwanted messages but at least we can turn off reminder of iMessage from strangers. Follow the steps below:
1. Dab Settings.

2. Click Notifications.

3. Choose Messages.

4. Select My Contacts Only from Show iMessge Alerts From.

Done! There won't be any alert for reminding you messages from strangers. However. This setting only to avoid message alert from strangers but you will still receive messages. Many iPhone users have been complaining about the instability of iMessage, which make them feel no security for their privacy. Email, facebook, twitter and other messaging media are all suffering from spam but they sort out various methods to report or block the junks. Till now Apple hasn't taken any substantive plan to build safeguards for users to protect against spam.

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