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Google Play Will Take Place of Apple Store?

2013-07-26 11:58:42 / Posted by to How to iPhone
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According to the news from Financial Times, downloads in Google Play will take place of Apple Store in few months' time.

Comment from the Financial Times, facing the severe competition from Samsung and Google Motorola, Apple loses crown of the app store marks its long term superiority draws period.

More and more handset vendors have been improving Android hardware configurations, high-volume apps in Apple Store has become its major competitive advantage. However, more developers keen on developing Android apps thus apps in Google Play will soon surpass Apple Store.

Last month Apple announced that the total downloads from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other terminals hit 50 billion and there were more than 0.85 million apps in AppStore. Meanwhile, Google claimed that Android apps downloads reach 48 billion.

Referring to revenue, developers believe that the application revenues from iPhone and iPad exceed Google Play.

Vincent Hoogsteder, CEO of Distimo said that even though now Google Play earn less, but this will not last long since in some countries, some Android apps profit more than iOS apps like Whatsapp in Spain and Italy.

Even though now Android apps are not as exquisite as iOS apps in AppStore, apparently developers start to issue Android and iOS apps together like DrawSomething2 of Zynga appeared in Google Play last week, only one month from that released in AppStore. Twitter launched a short video app Vine for iPhone this January and same for Android will be coming soon.

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